"My wife gave me a kindling bag for my birthday. The craftsmanship is outstanding. From the beautiful leather to the hand-riveted handle, this will be a bag I can use and will cherish for many years."
- David Simard
  Berlin, CT
"I bought custom knives for each of my sons and couldn't be happier with the individuality and craftsmanship of each. The blades, handles and sheaths are all unique; solid feel, sharp edges and they have great balance in the hand. Great value, and I highly recommend."
- John Patneau
  Norcross, GA
"Chris Karam is an outstanding craftsman and artist. He made me a custom hand forged skinning knife from a deer antler I brought to him. The detail of the knife and sheath far exceeded my expectations."
- Drew Taraian
  Kent, CT
"I've known Chris for over twenty years and have been an admirer of his creations. The thoughtfulness he puts into everything he does exceeds expectations. The latest Karam addition to my inventory is his forged tripod, which takes backyard cooking to another level."
- Eric Nelsen
  Chester, CT
"As I was writing my book, I knew that there would have to be several illustrations. It was important that they convey the feeling of the story that they would be representing. I went to Chris Karam with my concerns and it was the best decision that I could have made. All of his illustrations were right on the money and the one of "Picado", the rogue elephant was incredible. Chris was able to show the attitude and psyche of the beast through his drawing. It is obvious that Chris is gifted as an artist and that he has a clear vision of nature and animal anatomy."

-Mark J. Enie 

Primo Adventures, LLC.

"Signs of Life is well written, interesting, and educational. The story takes place in the early 1800s. The main character raises an orphaned wolf pup and befriends a young boy who has lost his father. I got into it right away and was always anxious to get back to it. My husband read it in one long day and (through his tears) said it was a good book." (taken from Amazon.com review)
- Arlene Macmillan
  Deep River, CT

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