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Hawk Feathers and Arrow Heads Quiver

Hawk Feathers and Arrow Heads Quiver

This Right-Hand Draw Quiver is handmade from 10-oz tooling leather and features a hand-tooled hawk feathers and arrow heads design. The leather tooling takes many hours and is all hand-dyed and finished with a protective wax.

This quiver is made for the hunter who chooses to travel light, and is only made to carry 2 or 3 flat blade broadheads, or you could fit 6 or 7 field tipped arrows. Multiblade broadheads not recommended.


Measurements are 21" tall x 4" wide x 2-1/2" deep.


The quiver has a genuine beaver fur ruff at the top and a bottom sheepshin liner which both aid in keeping your arrow shafts quiet while you walk through the woods. But this quiver also features my newly designed ChurchMouse™, which is a small section of thick beaver fur that is attached to the quiver by a thin kangaroo lace. By easily wrapping the it around one of your two hunting arrows (or your middle arrow if you carry three), and then tucking the ChurchMouse™ into the ruff as shown, it will act as a buffer and keep your arrows completely quiet.

The lacing on the quiver is natural kangaroo, which is known to be some of the strongest leather lacing available. The shoulder strap is adjustable in length by means of a threaded leather piece. Traditional, as well as silent.



    • 10-oz hand-tooled and hand painted Hawk feather and Arrow heads.

    • Beaver collar at the top and sheepskin liner in bottom

    • Heavy-duty Kangaroo lacing throughout

    • Adjustable shoulder strap

    • Accommodates 3 flat broadhead arrows or 6 to 7 field tip arrows

    • ChurchMouse™ Arrow shaft silencer


    I stand behind everything I make. If you are not 100% satisfied with the item you purchased, notify me within 10 days of receipt for a full refund.

    All goods must be returned in the new original condition of which they were sent in order to be eligible for refund.

  • Terms of Sale

    • You must be 18 or older to purchase cutlery

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